Patrick’s Free Art Course – Supplementals 2

For Supplement number two I have decided to add The Famous Artists Course. Here is what Wikipedia says about the course. ” The idea was conceived by Albert Dorne as a result of a conversation with Norman Rockwell. For the founding faculty, Dorne recruited Rockwell, Stevan Dohanos, Robert Fawcett, Ben Stahl, Harold von Schmidt, Al Parker, Austin Briggs, Jon Whitcomb, Peter Helck, Fred Ludekens and John Atherton. All were making more than US$50,000 a year at the time, roughly equivalent to US$425,000 in 2006.[1] Later faculty included cartoonists Al Capp, Milt Caniff and Rube Goldberg. Advisory faculty for the school later included Stuart Davis, Ben Shahn, Fletcher Martin, Ernest Fiene, Arnold Blanch and Doris Lee.”

This course is a nice no nonsense approach to creating art. Its full of practical lessons learned by these great artists / illustrators over their long careers. And even if the art is a little dated that does not change how useful the ideas are. I would highly recommend that you read over and practice this entire course.

Download Links… (Note there are different versions of this course depending on the years. Not all links are the same course.)

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

You can also buy copies on Ebay and Amazon. Just make sure to get the early version that includes the original illustrators.


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