Patrick’s Free Art Course – Supplemental Section -Art History – Lesson Art Of The Western World

I have been looking for a free online video series on art history so every one could get quick an over view of art. And I finally found one. The videos are well made. The only drawback is they have the rather standard and propaganda like views pushed by the modern art establishment.  If you notice the videos do not even have a section on “Academic Art”  Its just in there to show what the Fathers of modern art rebelled against. Not really a full even handed view. But any way over all this will be the fastest way to get your overview of Western Art. And will be a good starting point.

Also remember to come to the forum to talk about what you learned.

Here is the link to get started. Learner.Org UPDATE – These videos seem to not work in some countries. I am trying to find another source.

“A video instructional series on art history for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 9 one-hour video programs and coordinated books

Magnificent masterpieces of the Western world are presented in their cultural and historical settings. From the restrained classical tradition to energetic and spontaneous modern art, each artistic movement is interpreted through its major paintings, sculptures, and works of architecture. Comments from internationally known art experts and critics assist in understanding and appreciation of the works. This series is also valuable for teachers seeking to review the subject matter.

Produced by WNET/New York (major producer). 1989.”

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