Patrick’s Free Art Course – Supplemental Section -Art History – Introduction

After working with students in the free art course it has become clear that we need a section on art history. And even more importantly it is clear the students want to have it. And since I love history I am happy to be able to do this section. But of course after the first blush of enthusiasm wares off then you can see what a large job you have undertaken. But undertaken it I have and I will do my best. 🙂

Now let me talk a little about how I decided to do the course. First of all I have decided to crux of  modern painting. That is the 19th century. This is the time that knowledge and skill in painting hit a high point. And also where the ideas about what is art changed the course of art. And so I have decided to start here and then work both backwards and forwards from this pivotal point.

Next I had to think about the best method for doing this. And I have decided to do it by trying to focus on selected artists and their lives and work. And to build the broader understanding from that. I think one reason history is tends to be boring to people in school is because they do not get to know the real people behind it. I hope this approach makes it more interesting and in many ways more informative.

The first sections will be added shortly.

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