Patrick’s Free Art Course – Lesson 04 Painting – Exercise B

For the next exercise we will be doing the a sphere. You should have plenty of practice doing them from the shading part of the course. Now to get started get your palette out. Then mix small amounts of each value just like the last exercise.

Next choose darker middle value and cover the the center section of the canvas/panel. Next choose a little light midtone  and add a little walnut oil and rough in your circle.  Then from there start shading your circle. Oil paint drys slow so you should have plenty of time to work. Also try and use the largest brush possible and do not move down to a smaller brush until you have to. And do not worry to much about this one you are just getting the hang of blending paint. Just have fun. And you are welcome to do as many of these as you like. And to do other shapes. Just play with it and start to get used to how the oils feel and work.

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