Patrick’s Free Art Course – Lesson 04 Anatomy – Introduction

Human anatomy and figurative art is a wonderful and complex subject. So for a subject this complex you will need more than a quick over view. Or a few online tutorials. It will take dedicated study and practice to get it right. With that in mind I will like the other lessons list free and not so free books and DVD’s etc. Then after this reading home work will do some lessons bringing everything we have learned together.


Free Anatomy Books and other resources:

Andrew Loomis has several good books related to this subject. I have already listed them here. Link

Norman Rockwell and others also have some good information on anatomy in their The Famous Artists Course. I have already listed download for it here. Link

Constructive anatomy George Bridgman and also at Google Books Link and also at Scribd link .

The Human Machine The Anatomical Structure & Mechanism Of The Human Body by George Bridgman

Anatomy for artists  By John Marshall

A manual of artistic anatomy  By Robert Knox

Duval’s artistic anatomy : completely revised with additional original

Human anatomy for art students  By Sir Alfred Downing Fripp, Ralph Thompson, Harry Dixon

A handbook of anatomy for art students  By Arthur Thomson

Figure construction  By Alon Bement

UPDATED – Not so free resources:

Glenn Vilppu Studio – Mr Vilppu has a wonderful series of DVDs and books that are very well regarded among artists and animators. You can get them directly from his site. and if you are on more of a budget you can also rent them at SmartFlix.

Robert Beverly Hale also was a great teacher. You can by videos of his lectures but they are very very high. So you might be better of checking with your local libraries and schools to find a set. But if you have lots of extra money you can buy them here.  He also has some very good books you can find here.

And of course there are a huge number of books on anatomy for the artist. I will try and recommend some when I get a chance. But for me I think Villpu is the best place to start. If you want to look over all the books here is a link to Amazon.

I recently found Robert D Acland anatomy DVD series. You an find the entire set on Amazon.

A student recently told me about a very nice place to buy casts at affordable prices so I thought I would add it. Drawing from casts really helps you to get used to drawing the human form before moving on to living models. Casts

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