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As you guys might know I have always loved robots for some reason.  And robot dogs have always been something that appealed to me.  Maybe it was Tom Baker and K9 on Dr Who when I was a kid. Or maybe it was watch Muffit II, the robotic dog on the original Battlestar Galactica. But for some reason I have always liked robotic dogs.  But any way I have always loved robotic dogs and building robots so I have always thought about what would work well and be easy to build and affordable.  Then recently I had the idea of a modular robotic dog system. The system would be a series of heads and tails and grippers and other accessories that could be put together with any center section you like. The center sections could either be produced by myself or just be off the shelf parts like generic sewing machine carry cases. Possibly even other people could build parts for the same system.

For all of the controls and software and sensors I would build the system to use EZ-Robot‘s fine products.  This system is both full featured and easy to use. It also has a great community.

This project is a long term project that I will get to when I have time. There would be a lot of modeling and mold making involved and/or the purchasing of a 3D printer.

Anyway maybe I am crazy. Or maybe other people would be interested in a project like this.

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