Art Of The Day – Georges de La Tour – St Joseph

Today’s art of the day is St Joseph by Georges de La Tour.

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4 responses to “Art Of The Day – Georges de La Tour – St Joseph”

  1. freqwave says:

    Love the contrast of light and dark here but what is St. Joseph doing?

  2. freqwave says:

    The fact that the artist was able to capture the effect of the candle through her fingers is amazing to me.

  3. Sulla says:

    Yes I like the high contrast style of painting.

    Some kind of carpentry. Drilling something I think to be exact.

    Yes the light thru the fingers is cool. And that is a he probably. Young Jesus I would think:)

  4. freqwave says:

    Oh… right, Joseph the father of Christ. OK I don’t know my saints to well, Haha!

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